Terms of use

Use of Thankly

Thankly is a way of expressing and publicly showing gratitude, appreciation, congratulation, friendship, tribute and positive feelings of a similar nature. Thankly is not intended to promote hate or discrimination of any kind, or be used for sarcasm or satire, and any Thanklys of this nature will be removed without warning. Any Thanklys that include foul, defamatory or rude language (or images or video that express the same or contain nudity) may also be removed without warning and your account may also be suspended or permanently deleted.

Copyrighted material

It is your responsibility to ensure that any material you use in your Thankly is wholly your own, this includes but is not limited to photos or pictures you upload, the text you write (including song lyrics, extracts from novels or other websites) and anything else deemed to belong to another person. If in doubt, express your Thankly in your own words or pictures only as this will provide a more personal Thankly in any case.

Public access

Thankly, it’s website and any associated applications or other channels are publicly available forms of communication and your Thankly may be seen by people other than the person or persons you intended it for. In this way we encourage you not to include any information you would consider confidential or in any way embarrassing to another party.

Have fun

Thankly is a place to express positive feelings of gratitude and appreciation and is intended to be fun and enjoyable for all parties so remember to have fun, smile and send a Thankly to everyone that deserves one!

Terms and conditions last updated on January 2, 2019